Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Alive!!

It's official (mostly). As of the end of the long weekend, the new site is up and running. I am still missing a couple little graphical items, but those should be coming soon. So for the most part I am very happy with where everything is right now. 

This does mean however that THIS site is pretty much dead. I won't be taking it down (b/c most of my pics are anchored here) but this will be the last post that i make on it (barring any sort of issue with the official one). 

So from now on if you want to read anything that may be going on in my life, the babies life, or the lives of several of my friends that are posting with me, you need to go here.

Again, this is not the end, but a new beginning
The OFFICIAL WiFi Pirate site is up! 

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