Monday, January 5, 2009

It's A Boy!!

My Son
I didn't think it was possible, honestly. With all the women in my family i really didn't think it would happen. However i guess nature wasn't listening, b/c sure enough, we are having a boy. 

Everything went well during the ultra sound. Measurements are fine, development is fine, things are all where they should be and working according to how they should. As of right now my son weighs in at a hefty 11oz. and is only a day off the pace of the original due date. 

It has finally started to sink in that we are going to have a kid in the next few months. We started looking at things for the room, and clothes. Some things from family members have already started coming in.

As i told my wife since i am the only male in a family of about 10 female children, grand children, and great grand children, our SON will be spoiled rotten. My father seemed pretty chill about having a grandson but i could tell deep down he can't wait to take him on his first fishing trip. 

Names have been picked out, for years now, and our son will be Brandon Xavier. I can't wait to meet the little guy when he comes out... 

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